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President Trump vs. Socialism: The 2020 Debate Ahead

As the 2020 presidential election draws closer, two things are becoming very clear. Firstly, Republicans are united behind President Trump more than ever. And second – Democrats are united behind socialism more than ever.


Just as Trump recently earned the job approval of 93 percent of Republicans in his base, a whopping 60 percent of Democrats now have a favorable view of socialism.


It explains, in part, why you’ve been watching the current slate of Democratic 2020 hopefuls tripping over one another to denounce free-market capitalism. Even former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, who is running as a moderate and previously built a successful career as an entrepreneur, refused to label himself a capitalist.


Just a few years ago, the punishment for calling Democratic policies “socialist” earned you the title of “conspiracy theorist” or worse. Yet just recently, Bernie Sanders has revealed the key to Democrats winning in 2020 will be to explain socialism better.


To explain socialism, only one word is needed – Venezuela. While thousands of our South American neighbors are dying from starvation, extreme poverty, and government imprisonment, the Venezuelan elites are living well. This is the model of socialism; to commandeer private industry & redistribute wealth, first through the electoral process, then by force.


Make no mistake, socialism is currently the greatest threat to personal and economic freedom that exists today.


The new self-avowed posterchild for socialism, Democratic Congresswoman Cortez (AOC), has introduced legislation defining their agenda in The Green New Deal, which would decimate major private industries, cost $93 trillion dollars, and wipe out 1.5 million American jobs (by their estimates). Beyond its absurdity, what should disturb any rational adult is that almost every Democratic 2020 contender has backed the proposal.


Battling the elusive villain of climate change is the chief justification for these destructive socialist policies, which Republicans must properly define and firmly rebuke.


Capitalism continues to reduce global poverty, expand economic freedoms, and dramatically improve the quality of living for billions of people around the world. There is no economic system that has been more effective at bringing about innovation, medical breakthroughs, and economic freedoms than free-market capitalism – and the exact opposite is true for socialism.


It’s important to note that our current economic system is not entirely capitalistic. Corporatism and government intervention have played a critical role in many of the major economic crises in America, including the origins of the 2008 housing bubble and the current growing college loan bubble. We must be ready to explain this or capitalism will remain wrongly labeled as the cause.


We will likely face a crossroads in 2020, where capitalism will be weighed against socialism – and we will all collectively decide our nation’s destiny.


President Trump’s State of the Union speech perfectly encapsulated the rebuttal to the socialist movement, and consistently communicating that message throughout 2020 will likely be the key to winning this consequential election.


If we do not know our history, we are doomed to repeat it. And after decades of radicals funneling anti-capitalist propaganda through our education system, we are at greater risk than ever to let an ill-informed electorate steer our nation in the direction of Venezuela.


In Ronald Reagan’s famous epitaph, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”


We can defeat socialism now through avid debate and proactive activism (and we must), because if it were to come to the United States, defeating its tyrannical takeover would be far more costly and far less peaceful.


This could all be hyper-vigilance or a premature warning, but if the current Democratic party trends hold true, 2020 will be the philosophical battleground for the future of America’s free-market foundation. We cannot take that chance. The capitalism vs socialism fight is underway.


Josh Wagoner is a co-founder of Tomahawk Strategies, a conservative political consulting firm based in Oklahoma. Follow Josh on Twitter.

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