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August 6, 2017


What is your role in Tomahawk?

As serving as the CEO and one of our Principals to the firm, I am aiming to maximize every new methodology, new strategy, new thought, and new service our team inspires.


I also serve as the General Consultant to our clients to develop short term and long term strategy, infrastructure, and implementation. Starting a company requires something greater than a good strategy and readiness. It requires hard work, consistency, faith, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


What was it like campaigning for Donald Trump?

In the beginning, it was challenging because I had many friends who were not supporting Mr. Trump. In some cases, I was mocked or ridiculed for supporting him but I didn't care. Mr. Trump communicated what millions of Americans wanted to see changed. That was exciting to rally behind. From wearing snow-boots in New Hampshire to short sleeves in the south, many of us found ourselves committing time away from home to put in the work we knew it would take to get him elected.


During the Primary, I helped cover 10 states supporting the Southeast Regional Director Stuart Jolly, who then became the National Field Director for Mr. Trump's campaign. During the General Election, I received a phone call about a new opportunity to serve as the Deputy National Field Director to the Great America PAC, which was the #1 independent expenditure raising more than $35M in support of Mr. Trump's candidacy, targeting key swing states to include (among others) North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Nevada, and Ohio. One of the greatest experiences came from seeing the fruits of rallying thousands of supporters to Get-Out-The-Vote in the final critical days of the election cycle.


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a town with a population of 93 people in rural Oklahoma. My family had a mortgage payment of less than $375 per month. That is where I learned the value of a dollar and developed an extraordinarily hard work ethic. Clearly, I wasn't born of the political class but I was taught to never allow your current circumstances dictate where your life will end up. I graduated from Tupelo High School with a graduating class of about 20 students and went on to get my bachelor's in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from East Central University.


How has your experience in business and politics shaped your vision for Tomahawk Strategies?

I started my first business at thirteen years old. Since then, I've invested into and launched several others. From the various ventures I've helped launch to the political consulting business, we've created around 55 jobs. That's a dream coming true each and every day. I've been through both difficult and successful times.


As an entrepreneur, I have a desire to create winners out of everything I do whether it is in my businesses or politics. I love job creation. I love the free enterprise system. I love winning. With Tomahawk Strategies, we focus our energy not on every race we can take like most consulting shops tend to do; but instead, we laser-focus our energy on those who will be strong supporters of our free market system. 


Where do you see Tomahawk Strategies in 5 years?

I see our firm being identified as the Founder to the New Standard in Campaign Management. Americans have a strong desire to stop the political correctness our society has become accustom to. I see people describing our team and mission with one word: integrity. Our team will be recognized for its exceptional value, hard work, and creativity.


I see us representing candidates at each level of public office, across the entire nation and I also see us eliminating the chaos of excessive government overreach. We are in a position to be a very powerful and effective tool to impacting a positive change for many generations to come. We will be an army of 100+ members, supporters, and advisors. We will play a key role in restoring a moral fiber in communities, states, our nation, and we will take these values globally.



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